Frequently Asked Questions About Music And Sound Design

January 20, 2019

Music and sound design professionals provide their services in a wide range of contexts, from creating customized music for ad campaigns to adding voice-overs in short films. Clients considering these services often have a ton of questions related to music and sound design but find answers to these questions difficult to come by.

To ensure you are armed with the most accurate information available, Audacity Productions has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about music and sound design.

1. Why do I need these services for my project?

The answer is simple: your project needs to stand out from the others as well as capture emotions and alert an audience to your message. Emotional memory sells your brand.

2. Can we use a current piece of popular music?

No. Copyright laws prohibit the use of material without permission from the artist and publisher. However, custom songs that are similar to the original are often utilized.

3. Are jingles dead?

Not exactly. For local business, a jingle often serves a higher purpose within the local advertising markets. Consumers can remember a simple jingle with the name of the company as opposed to the non-descriptive library music used in generic ads.

4. Can someone from my business record a part for the music?

Sure! It’s always great to have a musician play a part to help gather momentum within the work environment. Make sure they practice!

5. Do I have to keep paying for the music?

No, usually an upfront fee is used to allow for the buyout of the music use license.

6. Do we need to rent a large studio?

No. Most professional services can be done in a computer-based environment. A smaller project-based studio can handle all the needs that a client may want.

7. Can you fix background noise in our recording?

Yes! Audio restoration is handled with ease in the computer environment. Background noise and distortions can be manipulated out of the audio.

If you have any more questions about music and sound design, get in touch with the experts at Audacity Productions. As a music production company in San Diego, CA, we focus on giving the best service and quality to our clients. Our services empower you, freeing the creative vision and process for success. To learn about our services, please click here or contact us by clicking here.